Hey there!

It’s been almost 2 years since Facilio was founded and since then there is so much that has changed (for good).

For one, we are the 2019 IoT Startup of the Year (by Entrepreneur India) with over 30 million sq. ft of space (across 250+ buildings) globally managed by our product (Yayy!). As opposed to 2 years back when we had to spell out ‘F-A-C-I-L-I-O’ every time we met customers, being the promising yet unknown startup that we were.


More importantly, building world-class tech and continuing to empower top brands with LIVE intuitive facilities experiences has been truly rewarding.

As we pause, reflect on growth till date and thank every customer / champion who believed in us and our potential to disrupt the built space, we’re excited about what lays ahead!



So.. The good news is we are growing super fast!

Even bigger news is – as we scale, we are looking out for the smartest people to become part of our growth!


Yes, WE ARE HIRING SaaS(y) Marketers! – who can optimise our story, multiply our growth, and fast track our mission to transform how buildings are managed today.

“Being inside a company that’s a rocket ship is really cool. There are so many Legos! There is so much to build” – Molly Graham

The best thing about being part of a fast-growing team is that there is so much to build. And learn! If combining a globally relevant idea with a great narrative is your biggest calling, you can only imagine how exciting this must be for you.    


But first things first!


WHY be part of growth at FACILIO:  ABOUT US


1) Steer growth in the hottest tech disruption space today

When Uber and Netflix introduced tech in traditional industries, they didn’t just disrupt the market but completely changed how people booked cabs / consumed content. Today, tech in real estate is creating huge waves of massive transformation. Startups riding on the real estate tech wave – WeWork, OYO, Kapterra, Compass – are disrupting varied stages of building lifecycle with tech. 

Building management is at the brink of disruption through technology and there can’t be a better time to solve this problem with Facilio.


2) Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox! Join the league of category creators!

As passionate marketers, don’t we all secretly crave to be part of a category-creating brand / story? With Facilio, it is a dream come true for us to have created a new product category that caters to a traditional market and truly own it! Of course this comes with its own set of challenges and learnings-

As a team, we are excited to ace the challenges earlier faced by teams at Slack, Salesforce or Dropbox before they became category disruptors at scale. Hop on because why would you even want to miss this?

3) We’re suckers for great marketing!

Contrary to popular norm with tech products, we had marketing on our cards from day one (since stealth mode to be precise) and not as an afterthought. We love to see the world around us through the lens of content, influence and marketing, get inspired everyday and translate them into powerful stories. They say the devil is in the details and we couldn’t follow it more religiously – if we have to create an email signature, it has to be the best one at that.

Oh and we love great copies but immediately resent not having thought them ourselves. That’s why we want the smartest copywriters on board!


Anyway, enough about us, what is in this for you?


WHAT to expect while growth at FACILIO:  ABOUT YOU


1) LoL at Work – Lots of Learning, growth, and more learning!

How people buy products today is so much different from how they did in the pre-social media era. Which literally means that, as marketers, we have to catch up as fast. Being in a fast-paced company ensures that we’re constantly learning, experimenting across multiple platforms and growing as fast as the company. In fact at Facilio, we change our marketing strategies less than every quarter to be in line with the current growth phase.

Niv: Did you check the print ad that Avis did those days?
Vaish: The one where they say they are the second best?
Niv: Ditto! Such a cool idea, no?
Vaish: So cool yeah! You think print ads work today?
Niv: Let’s try similar essence on social?

Most of us vouch that – the amount of growth during the 2 years at Facilio is way more than our entire careers put together. That’s how much we’ve learnt on the go.

What’s the point otherwise?


2) Sassy, social and legit B2B marketing

If you thought B2B marketing was boring, did you even get the basics right?

What works for B2C might work even better for B2B. Storytelling is everything and there is no right or wrong, just STORIES! And that’s our DNA!

In fact some of the best campaigns that worked for us, were inspired by how B2C brands appeal to people’s emotions and not to businesses. 


Fun fact: Here’s a video script that puts the much-needed limelight on facilities managers across the world inspired on similar lines


So if you want to tell the best stories and apply social psychology in marketing hands-on, you know where to go!


3) Welcome to a team, product and story that customers love

Team Facilio has a great mix of people who think across functions – tech experts building usability, product folks thinking customer expectations, design team visualising marketing ideas etc.  


But even the best team on the planet, groundbreaking technology and backed by top investors would not matter if our customers did not love what we build.

“If your customer loves you, you can’t go wrong”

At Facilio you would be joining a group of people who love what they do and more so because our customers (and silent champions within customer teams) believe in the future that we are building one widget at a time!


In a sense to understand how you think and approach marketing, please share with us your take on the following questions and mail your resume to careers@facilio.com :

  1. Give us an example of an enterprise SaaS brand that markets really well and why?
  2. Tell us briefly on what interests you about marketing at Facilio?
  3. What would be the top 3 questions you would want to ask our CEO if you met him in person

Or alternatively you could apply in the following links-

Join content at Facilio
Demand gen at Facilio


We can’t wait to have you on board!


Team Facilio